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“Working with Margie has truly helped my business transform!”

Working with Margie has truly helped my business transform. I have been continually impressed by the quality of her work, and I have learned so much from her. With Margie’s help, I developed my signature program effortlessly, which I didn’t think was possible. She also provided great support throughout my first launch. She saw my vision and supported me at every step! As a result, my email subscriber list doubled and my signature program has been a great success. It’s a joy to speak with Margie. She has a strong desire to support your progress, and she provides inspiring direction and guidance without ever pushing too hard. She really listens to understand.

I have gotten so much accomplished with Margie’s coaching. I would recommend working with Margie to any entrepreneur who knows that they need support to move forward. She is very solid and forthcoming. She is honest in an industry that is often not. As a result of working with her, I am excited about my business and its new direction.

Emily Kristofferson,

Emily Kristofferson   

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“You made it feel doable!”

Margie – you made it feel doable and I thank you for that. So much made sense and it didn’t seem like such a huge insurmountable thing anymore. The Signature Program in a Weekend lets you put all of your pieces of the puzzle together and come out with the finished product. Loved it! The comfort level I now feel about building a program is amazing.

Lesia (Lasha) Zablockij,

Lesia Zablockij   

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“I’ve had some of the biggest breakthroughs imaginable!”

I never expected to have such clarity and to make so much progress so quickly. I have had an excellent time completing the worksheets that Margie provides. (Thank you so much for putting together such superb exercises!)

Completing the worksheets has given me some of the biggest breakthroughs imaginable in my conscious awareness of the overall picture of my Signature Program AND the specifics for creating my Program in detail!

Margie is an expert in her field and demonstrates creative, detailed knowledge and implementation.

I hold her, her superlative work, her high level of integrity and consistency, and the value of her services in the highest of esteem.

Sharon Martin, Certified Law of Attraction Coach

Sharon Martin   

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“Every new client I have presented my signature program to “gets it” immediately and signs up to work with me.”

You were always so generous with your counsel and I will always be grateful.

I wonder if I had been meeting with you privately as my coach, instead of taking your introductory group program, if it would have taken so long for the concept of creating my own signature program to sink in?? I think not, but it finally did and it was like heavens parted.

Every new client I have presented my signature program to “gets it” immediately and signs up to work with me. Thank you!

I tell every coach I meet that they would do well to hire you as their business coach to help them grow their burgeoning business.

Drew Carey,

Drew Carey   

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“I’ve created two programs and a free class that I’m so proud of – in just 3 months!”

I love working with Margie. Her support and kind encouragement have been exactly what I needed to propel me forward in my business.

Margie helped me see how much great content I had and she made it simple to pull together into signature programs. Working with Margie gave me a huge boost to my confidence. I now know how to put together my content and marketing materials in a way that attracts the people I want to work with.

With Margie’s knowledge and experience I’ve created two programs and a free class that I’m so proud of – in just 3 months!

I’ve become very clear that I am the expert in my business and that hiring the right people to support my growth is the right business move. Margie was the right person to hire!

Katie McClain,

Katie McClain   

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“THIS is what coaching is supposed to be!”

The time had come to create a signature program that would help me grow my business and allow me to serve more clients. After a consultation with Margie, I was confident in her ability to help me do just that.

While I have worked with effective “business coaches” in the past, I now see that the programs I’ve participated in before were more like “business trainings.” While the information was helpful and the content was solid, I often experienced emotional conflict around what I was learning, and couldn’t always see how to apply it to my business.

Margie brings her experience as a life coach into our business relationship with astounding results. I find myself experiencing more clarity in every aspect of my business than ever before!

Margie is always encouraging and always generous. She meets me where I’m at and, through masterful coaching, takes me farther than I could go alone. While working with her, I’ve been able to not only create my signature system, but also to create stand-alone products, which has greatly stabilized my income. I appreciate the expertise she so freely shares with her clients!

Margie’s coaching skills are invaluable and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for clarity, creativity and connection in their business. THIS is what coaching is supposed to be!

Kelli Bailey,

Kelli Bailey   

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